Van Sarajevo Airport ↔ Mostar

Tens of thousands of passengers every year – noone missed their flight.

Our vehicles are new – less than 3 years old on everage.

Definite departures. No hidden costs. 100% reliable and safe.

Airport transfers leader in Bosnia. Official partner of WizzAir and RyanAir.

Basic information of your trip from Tuzla Airport to Sarajevo

Price of van (shuttle) transport from 15 EUR
Distance from Tuzla Airport to Sarajevo 113 kilometers, about 2 hours drive
Door to door transfer Yes, to your door in Sarajevo
Eco-friendly transport Yes, new vehicles up to 3 years old

Sarajevo Airport - Mostar

The journey between Sarajevo Airport and Mostar takes about 2 hours, depending on the current traffic jams. All departures from Sarajevo Airport are coordinated with Sarajevo Airport flight timetables. As the official partner of WizzAir for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkan Transfer is your guarantee for a safe, reliable transfer that always accompanies every flight. Transfers are usually made 30 minutes after the plane lands, but they will wait for all passengers until they complete the passport and customs control. In the event of a flight delay, Balkan Transfer waits as long as necessary. Your transfer is always 100% safe.

It is the same if you are travelling in the opposite direction, when you go from the city of Mostar to the Sarajevo airport. Your transfer is always on time, and departure is approximately 4 hours before your flight. This means that with a 2 hour drive (approximately) you will arrive at the Sarajevo airport 2 hours before your flight. The listed departure times on our web site refer to the time of leaving the city (door to door transport). In that case, the day before the departure the driver will inform you about the exact pickup time at your address.

You can book tickets exclusively on the website. All available transfers, vacancies and all current prices are available exclusively through our website.

At Sarajevo Airport you will find our office on the ground floor and vehicles just outside the terminal.

Who performs the transport on this route?

Transportation on this line is performed by Balkan Transfer in branded Opel Vivaro vehicles. These vehicles are on average up to three years old, have dual-zone air conditioning, and are regularly maintained at authorized service centers. Transportation can be performed by a subcontractor (associate company) of Balkan Transfer, but only according to our quality standards. Balkan Transfer guarantees top service and offers an unconditional refund in case you are dissatisfied with the service.

Which cities do we connect on thin line?

On the route from Sarajevo Airport to Mostar, Balkan Transfer vehicles pass through Konjic and Jablanica, meaning that you can book your transfer in such a way that the starting or ending point of your trip is one of these two towns. All you need to do to book your transfer from any of the above mentioned Herzegovinian destinations, is to choose any of these departing or arriving destinations, and Balkan Transfer will securely, and on time provide you with a guaranteed transfer, regardless of the number of passengers on the booking.

Sarajevo Airport - information

Sarajevo International Tuzla (SJJ) is the largest airport in BiH, and is located 9 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo, the largest city in BiH.

Balkan Transfer has its office at Sarajevo Airport, and you will notice us in the arrival terminal, right next to Fly Dubai office.

Sarajevo Airport is currently in the process of capacity expansion, and with the construction of the new Terminal B, and with the arrival of the low-budget company WizzAir (introduction of 9 new routes), Sarajevo Airport will be one of the most modern and busiest airports in the region. Sarajevo Airport is considered to be a medium-sized airport, which means that you do not have to worry at all if you will arrive on time for your flight with Balkan Transfer, even if you arrive 1 hour before the flight time. Of course, Balkan Transfer passengers always arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight, which is more than enough for the normal check-in, passport control and boarding your flight.

Balkan Transfer is never late for the flight.

At Sarajevo Airport you have all the necessary logistics infrastructure to spend a pleasant time waiting for your flight. At the airport you have available a cafe-bar (ground floor) and a restaurant (upstairs) in the check-in area, and another snack bar in the area after crossing the border. In addition, the airport has its own duty-free shop, VIP lounge and other necessities for a pleasant feeling of travel (ATMs, post office, money exchange offices, etc.). Sarajevo Airport has 1 hour free WIFI.

In front of the terminal building, Sarajevo Airport has a parking lot with a capacity of 307 places with the price of parking per hour or per day. More information on parking prices can be found here. At the Sarajevo International Airport, all passengers, as well as all other citizens, can be tested for the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19). The antigen and RT-PCR test will be performed at the airport, and the time required to obtain the test results will be 15-20 minutes for antigen testing, or one and a half hours for PCR test. More information about the test prices can be found at this link.

Important: Don't forget to check for your flight online, because check-in at the airport will be charged multiple times!

Mostar - information

Don't worry, with Balkan Transfer it's not difficult at all to travel between Mostar and Sarajevo Airport. Although Mostar is not far from Sarajevo Airport (125 kilometers), there is currently no direct public transport that you can use to easily and efficiently transport between these two locations. Buses to Sarajevo are available from the Mostar bus station to the Sarajevo bus station and vice versa, but to get to the airport, you have to pay a taxi or use Sarajevo’s public transport which additionally complicates your transfer experience

Passengers therefore recognized the Balkan Transfer services as the best option. In about two hours, with a new van, you will arrive at any address in Mostar. The same goes if you go from Mostar to Sarajevo Airport.

With one hundred and ten thousand people, a turbulent past and a rich culture, Mostar is today a modern and unique city. The Old Town of Mostar with the Old Bridge, which together are part of the UNESCO heritage, are some of the most beautiful experiences Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer.

Additional travel information

During the trip from Sarajevo Airport to Mostar or vice versa, we take an adequate short break in Jablanica (approximately halfway). This is a break at the gas station, where it is possible to use the toilet, or buy basic things.

During the pandemic at Sarajevo Airport, testing for Covid-19 was made possible. For more information, contact Sarajevo Airport.

Depending on the passenger's address, the driver carefully plans each ride, and optimizes the trip for all passengers. Each vehicle is tracked by a GPS system, and each ride takes place according to a premade driving plan.