Balkan Transfer is focused on delivering high quality and safe services to our customers. That is why we developed a range of internal procedures in order to ensure the quality of each transfer provided.

Safety procedures


  • Our vehicles are new, regularly serviced, and have all the required equipment (including but not limited to a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  • Our vehicles are insured, including passenger insurance
  • Our vehicles always have the appropriate seasonal tires
  • Our vehicles are tracked via GPS


  • Our contract with our drivers requires them to be physically and mentally prepared for each drive
  • Before each ride, our supervisor checks with the designated driver if he has had sufficient rest
  • Drivers are not permitted to drink alcohol within the 24 hours leading up to a ride. The consumption of alcoholic beverages during the ride is strictly prohibited.
  • Drivers are permitted to reject an assignment if they feel tired or are unprepared in any other way without facing any penalties.

Quality standards

Modern and well serviced vehicles

  • We use modern and well-serviced vehicles – exactly the ones you see on our website
  • Our vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure the highest quality of services


  • All of our drivers have extensive experience
  • All of our drivers speak English and Bosnian language
  • Internal procedures ensure that our drivers will remain calm, clean, and polite in all circumstances
  • Our drivers are obligated to respect all legal requirements during the drive, including speed limits


  • We will never cancel the ride, even if you are the only passenger. Our car will always be there, as booked.


  • Call center and phone support
  • Email support
  • Viber and WhatsApp support


  • We supervise all aspects of our service: booking, scheduling, pick-up, drive, vehicle maintenance, driver training and attitude, and passenger satisfaction.
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What our passengers say?

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Safe travels!

Balkan Transfer