Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about transfers

  • Are you coming to the address?
    • If you have booked a door-to-door transfer, it means that the ride starts or ends at the address you entered (your hotel, apartment, house, flat, etc.). The exception is inaccessible addresses, in which case the vehicle will leave you at the nearest point that can be accessed safely. If you have not booked a door-to-door transfer but a "city center" transfer, then your ride will not start at your address.
  • When will the driver come to my address?
    • Depending on your address and the optimal travel plan, the driver will arrive at your address 10-30 minutes before the planned time of departure from the city (time indicated on the reservation), in order to have time to pick up all passengers. This depends on the address, number of passengers, etc.
  • Do you take breaks?
    • On a journey of 1.5 hours or more, there is a break approximately in the middle of the transfer, lasting 20 minutes. This is a break where a toilet is available, and a shop for buying refreshments. Other short breaks are possible at the reasonable request of the passenger.
  • When do you arrive at the airport?
    • The scheduled time of arrival at the airport is two hours before your flight. This may vary slightly depending on traffic conditions or weather conditions. In any case, you will not be late for your flight. After tens of thousands of passengers Balkan Transfer served, we were never late for the flight.
  • Do you go directly to the Airport?
    • Yes, we go directly to Tuzla, Sarajevo or Banja Luka airports, depending on which airport you booked the transfer to.
  • How long does the trip take?
    • The average journey duration is listed in the search results for all transfers you can find on all the routes we drive. This is usually the estimated driving time from the moment of leaving the city, until arriving at the Airport. For example, in the case of the route Sarajevo - Tuzla Airport, it is about two hours. In the case of the route Bihać - Banja Luka Airport, it is 3.5-4 hours, etc.
  • What is the travel route?
    • Some of our most popular routes are: Sarajevo - Tuzla Airport (via Olovo and Kladanj), Mostar - Sarajevo Airport (via Konjic and Jablanica), Sarajevo - Central Bosnia (Zenica, Vitez, Novi Travnik, Travnik, Bugojno, Donji Vakuf, Jajce) , Bihać - Banja Luka Airport (via Cazin, Bosanska Krupa, Sanski Most and Prijedor), etc. If there are no passengers from a city, and that enables the shortening of the road, then you do not go to that city.
  • Do you follow Wizz Air and RyanAir flights?
    • Yes, as the official partner of WizzAir and RyanAir for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkan Transfer with over 20 vehicles follows all flights of these two companies at the airports of Tuzla, Banja Luka and Sarajevo.
  • Do you have child car seats?
    • Yes, we provide child car seats for different ages at no extra charge. Please include the age for which the car seat is required in the note of your reservation.

Questions about reservations and payment

  • How to make a reservation?
    • You can make a reservation in two simple steps on our website It is also the best way to make a reservation because the best prices and special discounts are available there. We do not apply for discounts if you make a reservation by phone.
  • When should I make a reservation?
    • If we have a free place, you can make a reservation at the last minute. However, due to the fullness of transfers on some routes, we recommend that you reserve your seat five days before the transfer or when you purchase a plane ticket. If you see the transfer you need on this website, you don’t have to call to check for space; The balance on the website is always 100% correct, and if you can book a transfer, it means it is available. Also, making a reservation in advance has additional benefits because then you will have a better chance of catching some of our promotions and discounts.
  • When will I receive additional information about the transfer?
    • The day before the transfer, the driver informs all passengers about the exact time of arrival at the address. You can expect a message or a call from the driver no later than 20:00. If you did not receive a message by 8 pm the day before your transfer, contact our call center.
  • Can I book transportation from city to city and not to the airport?
    • This is sometimes possible and depends on several factors. Please call our call center in this case.
  • How is payment made?
    • You can pay via our website by card. Payment is secure because we use SSL protection of your data, which means that they are safe from interception by third parties, and that we do not have access to them. If this is indicated on the page where you confirm the reservation, it is possible to pay the driver in the vehicle.
  • Can I cancel a booked transfer?
    • The money will be refunded in full for those transfers that are canceled 7 or more days before the start of the service. The money will be returned in the form of a coupon that can be used later for services canceled less than 7 days, but more than 24 hours before the start of the service. Money will not be refunded for services canceled 23 hours and 59 minutes or less than the time indicated as the time of service execution. The same conditions apply to changes of the reservations, not just cancellations.
  • I booked a transfer but didn't get a confirmation?
    • A confirmation email should arrive a few minutes after booking. Check for Spam or Junk folders. If the email does not arrive 30 minutes after booking, call our call center.
  • Do you transport goods?
    • We do not transport goods or any other type of shipment without the presence of passengers.
  • Lost - Found?
    • Please contact our call center immediately. Balkan Transfer does not take responsibility for things or values forgotten in the vehicles, but we will always return them to you when and if we find them immediately upon your call.

Questions about the company

  • Who are you?
    • Balkan Transfer is the leading brand in airport transfers in BiH. We have been providing this service for the last 5 years, and our innovative approach and commitment to quality have made us partners of WizzAir and RyanAir for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Why should I trust you? Will the driver show up safely?
    • Although we have already transferred tens of thousands of passengers, your trip is extremely important to us. The fact that none of these passengers were ever late for the flight speaks greatly about our seriousness and dedication to work. For more information you can call our call center, or visit our offices at Sarajevo or Tuzla Airports.

Other questions

  • What kind of vehicles do you make transfers with?
    • We make transfers in Opel Vivaro vans, with an average age of less than three years, or larger Mercedes vans / minibuses.
  • Is driving with you safe?
    • Internal rules strictly prescribe compliance with all traffic regulations by the driver. The vehicles are regularly serviced and we use premium brand tires. Read more in the Safety and Quality section of this website. Report to us if you see our drivers on the road behaving contrary to traffic regulations.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Write to us at or call our call center.